10 Sequels That Were Nothing Like The First Movie

9. Logan

Batman And Robin

The Original:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a colossal misstep. There's very little that the movie managed to get right; it humanized Logan in entirely the wrong way by giving him a sappy backstory, suffered from terrible CGI, sewed Deadpool's mouth shut and most heinously of all, gave will.i.am a major role in a Hollywood blockbuster.

The Sequel:

Things improved dramatically once James Mangold took over the solo franchise. The Wolverine was a huge step in the right direction but still suffered from ticking off the required number of comic book movie cliches. In giving the iconic character the sendoff he deserved, Mangold and Hugh Jackman delivered one of the greatest comic book movies ever made.

Its still definitely a superhero movie, but Logan turned its back on the tropes of the genre and instead positioned the title character's last stand as a brutal, stripped-back modern Western with more than a hint of film noir.

Gritty, violent, thoughtful, emotional and many other superlatives in between; Jackman finally got the chance to make the Wolverine movie he had always wanted to make and retired his career-defining character in spectacular fashion.


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