10 Sequels To Popular Movies That Nobody Watched

What happens when you try to catch box office lightning in a bottle twice? Sadly, this.

American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules
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There's nothing quite like watching a great movie. The feeling of getting lost in a fictional world and developing deep one-way relationships with the characters onscreen is unparalleled. Often times, audiences feel that the two hours of escapism they've been afforded just isn't enough and want nothing more than to spend a little more time in that universe, with these people they have simultaneously come to know so intimately yet hardly know at all.

Sometimes this request is granted via a sequel and audiences are given a couple more hours to live in these spaces with their favourite characters. Of course, there are instances in which this extra time together is a blessing and instances in which they wish they'd kept schtum and said their final goodbyes the first time around.

In others however, the calling is heard, a window into that world opens up again and... nobody notices. Many times, movies that proved popular at the box office do receive that much-requested sequel and, for one reason or another, fail to capture that same excitement when the sequel is wheeled out.

10. Easy Rider 2: The Ride Home

American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules
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Led by an endlessly talented cast, Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider is generally considered a masterpiece. With the likes of Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson and Hopper himself on a motorcycle-bound quest across America, the pace is unashamedly unhurried as the characters take in new sights, new people and a great deal of drugs.

It was only a modest success at the box office but its legacy as a piece that saw in the start of the 1970s (and importantly, the end of the 1960s) ensures that it remains a must-watch for any budding cinephile. The same can't be said for the ill-judged sequel that came a whole 43 years (!) later.

The film is written by and stars Phil Pitzer, a man known for... Easy Rider 2: The Ride Home. An ill-conceived passion project, it meanders and has nothing to say except, of course, that Peter Fonda's Wyatt died in 9/11. Every single aspect of it is baffling and completely misses the point of the film that inspired it. It's nothing short of a blessing that nobody ever heard of, let alone watched, this misguided continuation of a saga that shouldn't be, and for all intents and purposes isn't, a saga.


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