10 Sequels You Didn't Know Were Coming In 2015

It's not just Star Wars and The Avengers returning.

From giving M. Night Shyamalan more money, to just adding rap music to everything, Hollywood's had a few regrettable mantras over the years. Right now though, the main one seems to be that, if something did alright once, then it'll definitely do alright another 3, 4 or 5 times - when the next Captain America film arrives there will have been more Marvel movies than people to have walked on the moon. That isn't always a bad thing of course - some of cinema's greatest moments have been part of a story that simply couldn't be contained in one movie outing. Luke finding out who his father was, Don Fannuci getting one between the eyes, and Larry and Richard spending another weekend at Bernie's; having the foundations laid beforehand can lead to some of the finest filmmaking ever seen. But what continued wonders does 2015 hold? Well, there's the new Star Wars of course, the Avengers will be back, and somehow they've managed to find another hot tub that doubles as a time machine, but some movies don't have septuple-figure advertising budgets behind them. From greats getting a long-awaited second part, to surprise hits conjuring up an entire new story, 2015's got plenty of familiar faces you'll want to get reacquainted with.
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