10 Serious Dick Moves From Otherwise Awesome Movie Characters

Skyfall Shower When we think of awesome movie characters, it's easy to forget those rare occassions when said characters act away from their established personalities, doing things that might cause us to momentarily dislike them - especially when, as far as the writers and associated filmmakers are concerned, the instance wasn't actually supposed to make us think less of them. Case in point: that scene in Iron Man 2 where Tony Stark gets drunk and fights his friend in a suit? We're supposed to frown upon him - it's part of his arc, and it's relevant to his transformation as a character. But moments like that don't always occur for a reason, hence "the dick move." I'm talking about those times where filmmakers mis-judge their characters and make them seem uncool by accident, often in an attempt to... well, make them seem cool. That's the case for the 10 characters I've gathered up here, for example, all of which are frequently renowned as being some of the finest, coolest or most badass cats on the cinema scene, but experienced brief personality lapses or committed questionable acts at points during the following motion pictures. Enough for you to turn to your friend and mutter, "Man, what a dick," anyway...

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