10 Serious Dick Moves From Otherwise Awesome Movie Characters

10. Deckard Gets Annoyed That Rachel Won't Kiss Him; Forces Rachel To Kiss Him - Blade Runner

Blade Runner Harrison Ford Blade Runner tells the story of a "replicant hunter" working in a futuristic, somewhat dystopian Los Angeles, whose job is to track down artificially-created human beings who have decided to revolt against their makers. Our replicant hunter is one Rick Deckard, a down-on-his-luck, alcoholic detective worthy of even the grittiest film noirs, but for the most part we empathise with this character and agree with his actions - that is until he becomes romantically entangled with a replicant named Rachel, who doesn't know she's a replicant. Eventually Rachel learns the truth about her existence, and although Deckard - at first - tries to make her feel better about the fact that all her memories and pastimes are implanted, there comes a point when he can no longer resist his urges. That's to say, when he decides that he wants to kiss the very sexually inexperienced Rachel, she turns down his request. As a result, Deckard forces her against a wall with the audacity of an experienced rapist, and demands she says "Kiss me." He continues to do this until she ultimately accepts her fate as his love robot. It's uncomfortable, to say the least, though it does solve the mystery as to why Deckard's wife left.

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