10 Seriously Messed Up Psychological Horror Movies

4. Be My Cat: A Film For Anne (2015)

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Anne Hathaway, if you're reading this, somehow, then run, please run!

Celebrity culture will always go hand-in-hand with obsession, as people look at the stars on the big screen and idolise them. Typically, this is pretty harmless, as no one ends up getting hurt. But, there are times when that obsession spirals into something entirely unhealthy. That's what this disturbing as hell movie delves into.

The film is a found-footage movie about a filmmaker who has an unrelenting obsession with Anne Hathaway. He goes to extreme lengths to try and convince her to star in the movie he is making. Naturally, things twist out of control as the filming progresses, and his mental state continues to unravel.

If you struggle with watching cringe-worthy movies, then this one might be a challenge for you. It's a simple and low-key experience thanks to the lack of budget and the found-footage format, but despite that, it'll have you clenching your jaw with tension and pain.

This mostly comes from Adrian Tofei, the movie's director and star. His performance is shocking and depraved as it's presented with realism. He doesn't play the part like an over-the-top psycho - as a Hollywood movie might have done. Instead, he feels like a hyped-up child with power, making the film all the more unsettling.


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