10 Sharpest Snipers In Zombie Outbreak Movies

The hordes of the undead are harmless when these sharp-shooters are covering your back.

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If we have learned anything from our current situation is that it doesn't take much to shake the "solid" foundations of society. Spice up any crisis with sprinkles of havoc and uncertainty, and you are sure to witness people's most visceral and sincere reactions. Not a pretty sight, to say the least. Sadly, it is during times of despair when we can learn a thing or two about the intricacies of our human condition. That is if you are one of the survivors.

Now just imagine that the crisis in question is a carnivorous zombie outbreak; you might think you're done for. With no weapons training or combat experience to your name, you could be seen as a potential liability in any group of worthy combatants. But don't you load that lone bullet in the chamber just yet. Whenever bad things happen, there are always good guys willing to save the day and pick up the slack. And they have crippling sniper rifles, you say? Well, that's even better.

When the world comes to an end due to a pesky zombie infestation (you know, that same old nuisance), a sharp sniper is an invaluable asset in a wasteland where very little keeps its actual value. In this list, we'll get close and personal with ten snipers that absolutely make every round count. Time to shoot some holes into zombie skulls, lock and load!

10. Columbus - Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

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In the second (and most likely final) chapter of the Zombieland franchise, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) hooks up with survivor Madison (Zoey Deutch) after having a big fight with his steady girlfriend Wichita (Emma Stone). A we-were-on-a-break type of scenario. Yeah, romance and drama in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Clever, huh?

Double Tap is an entertaining and light-hearted viewing experience that, unfortunately, doesn't live up to the standards set by its superb predecessor. Oh well: you win some, you lose some. We still get all the gore and humor now associated with this film brand, and the extended cast (including a hilarious Thomas Middleditch) delivers agile performances that involve viewers deeper into the lore of the titular Zombieland.

Columbus' moment of glory as a sharp-shooter comes when he climbs on the roof of an RV and guides his friends as a large undead horde approaches. Ok, so technically he doesn't use a long-range rifle. But when a zombie crawls out from under the vehicle and is about to bite Madison's leg, Columbus points his revolver and gets the monster right in the head. That's a pretty slim margin of error, still he nails it like a pro.


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