10 Shocking Horror Movies Where THIS Happened

Insane moments from disturbing horror films! The House Of The Devil, Suspiria & more.

Suspiria 2018
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There are countless moments in horror movies that everybody knows: the crucifix scene in The Exorcist, the gnarly, slow motion, sheet glass decapitation in The Omen or THAT moment when Sadako crawls from the television in Hideo Nakata's quintessential J-Horror Ringu.

Scary movies are churned out by the bucket load, whether slow burn art-house ponderers or popcorn throwing jump scare riots, so finding those diamonds can be an exhausting process but fear not, help is on the way.

In this list, you'll find some of the movies featured are a bit off the beaten track, others are bona-fide classics but all ten have a scene so wonderfully shocking that they have elevated some mediocre movies to the stuff of legend.

That moment of genius, one mind blowing sequence powerful enough to make you spit your Pepsi Max six foot across the room, these extraordinary sequences have left audiences reeling, laughing, screaming or retching.

Satan worshippers verses babysitter, the grandparents from hell, demonic decapitations and full body vertical bisections - hold onto your stomachs horror fans, this is going to be a rough ride...

10. The Hammer - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Suspiria 2018

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is just a puke-inducing smorgasbord of gleefully over the top murders, it's hardly surprising it's had such an impact on popular culture.

Five friends on a road trip find themselves on the wrong end of a chainsaw after encountering a family with an affinity for arts, crafts and human butchery. Tobe Hooper's 16mm slasher is considered the punk rocker of the 70s horror scene: fresh, visceral and offensive.

Although the film, certainly the last act, is a non-stop audio/visual nightmare of screaming, Ed Gein style body-part DIY and horrific dismemberment, the first kill has made it to this list with good reason.

Kirk, the first of the hapless five to meet Leatherface, gets a brief but unforgettably gnarly death as he enters a seemingly deserted farmhouse looking for a way to refuel their vehicle.

Although the place looks like a quaint country house, the presence of animal skulls and (human) leather hung upon the walls is a stark warning that comes too late, before Leatherface appears from out of nowhere, looking like a psychotic yeti.

Kirk doesn't stand a chance as LF wallops him over the head with a large hammer. If that wasn't shocking enough, Kirk continues to writhe around as his splattered brain figures out that it's game over. He gets a final crack with the hammer to finish him off and LF pulls the shutter down hard.

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