10 Shocking Movie & TV Posters That Went Too Far

10. American Horror Story


American Horror Story is no stranger to controversy. The Ryan Murphy anthology series has been unsettling viewers since it first began in 2011 and it continues to get more frightful with each passing season.

The show's promotional material is among the most creative in the business today, as it tends to find unique metaphorical ways of using iconography and symbols to unnerve and intrigue its viewers.

That said, the first season's artwork remains one of its most unsettling, as the Murder House was represented through a series of posters (one of which actually made its way onto the DVD/Blu-Ray cover) of the man in black leather attempting to, well, grope the heavily pregnant (and scantily clad) Vivien Harmon - no doubt a reference to the fact that the undead figure ends up impregnating her with the apparent Anti-Christ in the series itself.

Now, that's certainly one way of making an impact but, in all honesty, it's an impact it could have found other ways of making.

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