10 Shocking Movie & TV Posters That Went Too Far

Sex, gore and everything in between; there are just some things you DON'T put on a poster!


The film and TV landscape is more cramped an industry than ever, what with major studios producing big-budget blockbusters in the hopes that they'll join the coveted $1 billion club, TV networks attempting to produce original content in an era where originality is sparse and streaming services giving both of those mediums a run for their money in virtually every way possible.

Yes, there's no much choice in today's day and age - and has been for quite some time now - that studios are willing to go that extra mile when it comes to getting people's attention. That's, of course, where advertising comes in, as the-powers-that-be of those respective companies are often willing to stop at nothing in order to produce an advertising campaign so eye-catching that potential viewers will have no choice but to go and check their show and/or film out for themselves.

That being said, there is a code of conduct that these posters, billboards and advertisements realistically should be following and, over the past few decades,some studios have occasionally missed the mark. On that note, let's traverse through the annals and check out some of film and TV posters that took things just that little bit too far.

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