10 Shudder Originals You Must Watch For Halloween 2020

The streaming home of horror has some frights in store.

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Netflix and Amazon may be the streaming giants of the 21st Century, but there is a streaming service lurking in the back, filling itself with horrorlicious content that goes bump in the night. That service is of course Shudder, the worlds number one horror streaming service that curates an array of horror movies, both classic and contemporary, from around the world.

More recently, alongside their normal horror movie offerings that they stream, they have begun to source and produce their own Shudder Original films exclusively on the service. From international movies, to home-brewed horror, there is something for every type of horror fan, in every subgenre, just waiting to be discovered.

So stop the endless scrolling trying to figure out which movie might tickle your pickle, and don't allow yourself to fall back on something familiar, something you've seen before.

There might be a comfort in familiarity, but 'tis the season to get scared, to take a chance on something you haven't seen before. So take a risk, because these movies make perfect viewing for a certain seasonal holiday that is creeping just around the corner.

10. Z

How there aren't more horror movies about deadly 'imaginary friends' is a mystery. No, we're not talking about those throwaway scenes in supernatural flicks where the adult asks the child "Who are you talking to sweetie?" just so they can signify a demonic entity is present. We're talking about full narratives, because in Z, that's what it does. Drop Dead Fred this is not, as this imaginary friend has a deadly streak.

From director Brandon Christensen (Still/Born) this movie follows Beth as she learns that her eight year old son Joshua has created an imaginary friend known as Z. What starts off as a cute development takes a more sinister turn as people start getting hurt. As Beth tries to understand what is going on with her son, she soon learns Z has a deeper connection to the family than she realised.

Starring familiar faces to horror such as Keegan Connor Tracy (Final Destination 2/Dead Rising), and Stephen McHattie (Pontypool) this is a fiendishly patient psychological horror that might just pleasently surprise you.


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