10 Signs DC Will Dominate Marvel At The Box Office (Eventually)

9. DC Has 2018 Locked Down

Justice League Money
Warner Bros.

It’s hard to criticize the way Marvel has built its cinematic universe. Each entry in the series has upped the ante from the last, expanding the scope and magnitude of the franchise while keeping audience interest high. It seems Marvel has been steadily building toward what the studio hopes will be its crowning achievement, Avengers: Infinity War, which drops in 2018.

How can the DCEU possibly hope to challenge Marvel’s magnum opus at the box office? Simple. DC plans to release three major blockbusters in 2018, each with the potential to steal Infinity Wars box office thunder.

2018 will see the release of Aquaman and The Flash solo features, which could do huge business if the characters make a good impression in Justice League. It’s also rumoured that 2018 will see the release of Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, written and directed by the Oscar-winning star.

Batman is perhaps the most beloved comic book character of all-time and it’s hard to release a Batman feature that doesn’t become a worldwide phenomenon. DC could quite possibly suck up the all the comic book box office oxygen in 2018, extinguishing Infinity War's chances of being the biggest movie of the year.


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