10 Signs The Batman Could Be A Crushing Disappointment

The Batman may have all the makings of a hit, but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up...

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The Batman was originally going to be directed by Ben Affleck, and the filmmaker was set to reprise the role of the Caped Crusader after playing Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. However, after handing the movie over to Matt Reeves, Affleck ultimately decided to leave the DC Extended Universe for good, and a new Dark Knight was found in British actor Robert Pattinson.

With shooting taking place on the movie, more details are quickly starting to be revealed, and even the Batsuit has been shown off in its entirety thanks to recent set photos. However, while it's still early days for the project, evidence does appear to be mounting that it could prove to be a complete and utter disappointment.

That may sound like a bold proclamation, and The Batman could potentially surprise comic book fans. Unfortunately, there are signs there that this DC Comics adaptation will fall short of the high expectations that surround it.

Now, we're taking a look at why Reeves' movie may fail to deliver the epic Batman adventure fans are hoping for by looking at everything from what we know about the plot to some suspect casting decisions and, well, an undeniably disappointing take on the Batsuit. June 2021 is still a while off, but you may want to adjust your expectations accordingly...

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