10 Silver Linings To Godawful Comic Book Movies

Yes, we really did find one reason to be positive about Ghost Rider.

Batman And Robin1 Comic book fans are notoriously hard to please. We're the ones who have dedicated hours and hours of our lives grappling with complicated back stories and tricky continuity issues to enjoy our hobby to the full extent. Some may laugh, but more than many other pastimes, comic book reading requires dedication and perseverance, which is exactly why the fans become so invested in the movie adaptations. Geeks have never had it so good right now, with the success of incredible comic book films like The Dark Knight and Avengers Assemble, but let's face it... Some comic book movies just suck. Bad casting. Poor script writing. Shoddy effects. To paraphrase Mr Burns, these are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in the comic book movie making business. Unfortunately, many adaptations succumb to one or more of these demons, outraging dedicated fans who are appalled at seeing their favorite characters treated so terribly. It's not all bad though. Even the worst comic book movies - and I'm talking 'Catwoman' bad - have some redeeming features. The argument here is not that these movies are good, or even average in fact, but just that even the worst adaptations always have a silver lining, something to justify the millions of dollars and months of production time wasted... sort of. Join us then as we discover the silver linings to 10 of the most godawful comic book movies ever created... because even bad films deserve love sometimes. Do you agree with these choices or have I been too harsh on some of these infamously maligned films? Do these silver linings justify the existence of such terrible movies? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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