10 Single Moments That Sold Upcoming Movies

9. Bruce Lee - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Hobbs And Shaw Dwayne Johnson
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While the star-studded cast of yet another promising Quentin Tarantino film already had fans of the auteur chomping at the bit for any footage at all, one surprising addition to the cast list stole the show and sent viewers of this teaser trailer wild.

Mike Moh is the spitting image of the famed martial artist, and delivers Tarantino's trademark sizzling dialogue with a performance that, in only fifteen seconds, convinced some that Moh may just be Bruce Lee's second coming.

It's fascinating just how little needed to be seen of Moh in the role to drive home his talent, but it is undeniably apparent that he could easily steal the movie out from Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio if he is given ample screen time.

Bruce Lee had real life ties to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate (played by Margot Robbie) so it's possible that Mike Moh gets to flex his impersonation for audiences in a sizeable role, and that prospect alone has sold many on the movie.

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