10 Slasher Movie Fates Worse Than Death

Brutal slasher movie fates worse than death! Final Destination, Wrong Turn & more!

Final Destination
New Line Cinema

The slasher genre is all about gruesome deaths. Axe-wielding maniacs that hack their victims to bits, chainsaw-clad psychopaths that graphically murder groups of sex-crazed teens and gruesome traps laid out to lure in victims and torture them to death - all played out for the sick and twisted pleasure of the viewer.

Slasher movie fans expect inventive and gory murders to be dished out to the countless victims that exist in the movie purely to be killed off. And the filmmakers always deliver.

Something completely looked over however, are the bleak or gory fates dished out to the survivors of slasher movies. For one, you have the miserable ramifications of being the final girl in this sub-genre: she's left to pick up the pieces of her trauma and life after everyone around her is brutally killed. Or the twisted backstory of the killer, like the horrifying past of Jason Voorhees.

In a world full of carnage and mayhem it seems only fitting that survival isn't always the best outcome for our characters, and sometimes death is the better option.

Spoilers ahead.

10. Hellraiser - Resurrected As A Skinless Corpse After Being Torn To Pieces

Final Destination
Film Futures

To clarify, this fate is awful, but the character it happens to totally deserves it.

Hellraiser begins with Frank Cotton travelling in Morocco. He has come to a market there in search of hedonistic pleasure... yeah he's that guy. It's at this market that he finds the Lament Configuration, a seemingly harmless puzzle that when solved will apparently give Frank the pleasures he desires.

To Frank's surprise, upon completion of the puzzle hooks and chains tear through the walls and sink themselves into his skin, ripping him to bits. It's a horrifically gory way to die, IF he did, in fact, die. But he doesn't.

Frank is brought back to life when his brother moves into his old house, apparently unconcerned with Frank's disappearance. His brother, Larry accidently cuts himself in the attic and the blood opens up the portal again, helping Frank to break through - this time as a disgusting skinless corpse. T

he sight of him is completely nauseating, and you can't help but think about how much pain he must be in.

At this point Frank will do absolutely anything to get a real body, including murdering and draining people of their own life to give it back to himself. No one is safe from Frank's desperate wrath. And it makes you think, would you do the same to avoid such a brutal fate?


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