10 Slasher Movie Fates Worse Than Death

9. Happy Birthday To Me - Gaslit And Framed For The Murder Of Your Family And Friends

Final Destination
Columbia Pictures

If you cannot trust your own mind, what can you trust? This is the question Ginny Wainwright faces when her friends all turn up dead while she starts having blackouts in her memory.

Ginny is a young girl that's recently become a part of her School's most popular clique, when her friends are gradually killed off as her birthday nears.

Around halfway through the movie, Ginny recovers her lost memories, and realises that her friends were partially to blame for her mother's death. At this same point we, the audience, are treated to our first sight of the killer and it turns out to be none other than Ginny herself.

Ginny thinks she's gone absolutely crazy, but everything is not as it seems...

A deranged birthday party in the climax sees Ginny surrounding herself with the corpse of her friends. However, who we believe to be Ginny, turns out to be another character, Ann, in a latex mask. Ann has plotted the whole thing to frame Ginny, as revenge for her mother having an affair with Ann's father, making the girls half sisters.

Ginny manages to overpower and kill Ann, but as she stands over Ann's body, the police are left with only one conclusion: Ginny was the culprit all along. Ann's plan was a success, and we're left with the bleak realisation that Ginny will spend the rest of her life in prison.


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