10 Slated Movies That Are Nowhere Near As Bad As You Remember

waterworld Movie-goers tend to get caught up in the hype of a new "bad movie," sometimes regardless of whether they've actually seen it or not. Some movies, after all, are brutalised through poor word of mouth upon first release, often by those who just heard about them from somebody else. Case in point: I once asked a friend of mine if he'd seen a movie, and he proceeded to tell me how awful it was. Soon enough, though, it came to light that my friend had never even seen the movie in question, and was just regurgitating parts of random conversations and articles. My point, then, is that time tends to play with how we might remember certain pictures. Those movies that found themselves caught up in negative hype and toxic buzz when they came out, not taking into account the quality of the movies themselves, often find they're stuck with poor reputations because that seemed like the right attitude at the time. As a result, there are tons of movies out there that probably aren't as bad as you remember them being - people stuck reciting the same tired notions over and over again have just convinced you otherwise. Here are 10 movies that have found themselves branded with unsavoury reputations over the years, but - in retrospect - are nowhere near as bad as the population seems to think. A simple re-watch, in fact, might be enough to change even the most stubborn minds...

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