10 Small Changes That Would Fix Terrible Films

It wouldn't take that much to fix Spider-Man 3.

Sandman Spider Man
Sony Pictures

Doesn't it just pain suck when a potentially great film you've been excited about for months, even years, turns out to be terrible? What's more, what about when that terrible film could easily be turned into a decent, even good film with just one small change?

Now, we're not crazy enough to say that these 10 movies, which were all widely derided upon release, can become overnight masterpieces by fixing their biggest issue, but they're going to be infinitely more entertaining as a result, even if they'd still be absolutely imperfect. We've got movies that butchered classic comic book characters, movies that are just too long, and movies that needlessly re-wrote an awesome original script.

Sometimes casting is a problem, sometimes there's a needless twist ending, and sometimes an action movie just needs to be R-rated. These solutions would have been relatively simple to implement for the most part and infinitely boosted our esteem for each project. Instead, they're all infamous for the rookie mistakes they made, and in not respecting audiences, gained little respected from audiences in kind.


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