10 Small Details You Only Notice Rewatching Happy Death Day

Chances are you didn't catch these little Easter eggs on your first viewing of Happy Death Day.

Happy Death Day
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Wait, did you catch that? Was that important? Better watch it again to make sure.

Happy Death Day, the story of a sorority girl stuck in a time loop on the run from a psychopathic killer hellbent on ending her life, was a much welcomed entry to the horror genre when it released in 2017. It changed the game in more than a couple of ways, introducing a new spin on a beloved film genre with a film that was goofy and entertaining with simple storytelling.

Or how simple was the storytelling?

From the outside, you may only see this romp as a series of genre tropes laced with elements of the 1980s era - however, after a second viewing, you get the sense that the filmmakers have put more thought into this franchise than originally perceived. Sure, it's tricky to look deeper into a movie that depicts a baby-faced psycho on a time-looping killing spree, but you may notice some things you missed in the film and, through connection, its sequel.

These are the small details we caught during our second viewing - what did you catch? Oh, and spoiler warning.

10. Right Where We Left Off

Happy Death Day

Let's start right at the end.

Wasn't the final scene to Happy Death Day a perfect ending to such a comedic take on the slasher genre? Carter messes with Tree a little bit, they wrestle on the bed before sharing a kiss and everyone in the audience goes, "aww". But wait, why did Carter's roommate, Ryan suddenly barge in to add almost nothing to scene?

In fact, he seemed to kind of take away from the emotional moment, so why have it in there? Well, if you saw the sequel, you would see everything that built up to this moment.

Remember the back and forth? Ryan sighs that Tree's back in the dorm, Carter tells him to get out and Ryan responds with, "I'm not sleeping in my car again, it smells like hot pockets and feet." Well, we actually follow Ryan from his car, all the way to this interaction.

More about that little trip from the car to the dorm will be covered in the rest of this article but it's kind of cool to see just how well-connected these two movies are.


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