10 Small Details You Only Notice Rewatching Happy Death Day

9. Poster Easter Eggs

Happy Death Day
Universal Pictures

If you take the time to pause the film when inside Carter's dorm room, you can see that there are a lot of movie posters hung on the wall. Movies like Back To The Future, Repo Man, They Live, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie.

Why these movies in particular? Back To The Future, arguably the most popular time travel film of all time, probably speaks for itself. But the others don't seem to fit the horror-comedy slasher vibe the film is going for, so why include them?

Well, after viewing the sequel, you'll notice that the series has taken a quick right-turn onto the science fiction highway, so there may have been a little foreshadowing on the director's part. Also, Repo Man, They Live and anything from Mystery Science Theatre had this self-awareness that they were silly but having fun with it - something this franchise has openly welcomed with a warm embrace.

There's even more evidence of this as later in the movie when you can see a poster for Kung Fury in an elevator, arguably the pinnacle of self-aware silliness in recent years.


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