10 Smartest Decisions In Fantasy Movie History

Even the most fantastical stories can still contain their fair share of logic.


The fantasy genre is home to all of the most colourful and imaginative ideas filmmakers have to offer, and the worlds that reside within are often so far removed from our own that the rules that we know seem to have little standing.

That said, all stories at their core are about the characters that reside within them, and the decisions they make.

Moments of tension usually spring from someone onscreen making a truly awful decision, like stepping outside into the dark of night immediately after receiving a threatening message, or walking blindly into danger despite countless warnings.

Equally, though, there are times when these movies make some truly brilliant decisions, and sometimes in ways that we as an audience hadn't even thought of. There's no better feeling when watching a movie than having one of the characters come up with a solution that not only makes sense, but was also completely unexpected.

There's also plenty of examples of wise decisions made on the other side of the camera, though, and the filmmakers often deserve some credit for their part in choosing to do something that paid off well for everyone involved.

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