10 Smartest Decisions In Sci-Fi Movie History

10. Tricking The Raptor With A Reflection - Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Lex

Though everyone loves to (rightly) complain about the kid characters in the Jurassic Park movies, in Steven Spielberg's classic original a child is actually responsible for one of the series' smartest defensive manoeuvres against a blood-thirsty dinosaur.

In the film's stomach-knottingly tense kitchen sequence, Lex (Ariana Richards) bangs a ladle on the floor to draw the raptors' attention away from her understandably terrified brother Tim (Joseph Mazzello).

One of the raptors takes the bait and starts stalking Lex, who has climbed inside one of the kitchen's metal cabinets.

When the dino makes a bee-line for her face, though, it has a rude awakening as it meets nothing but metal. As it turns out, Lex was actually inside an opposite cabinet and used its reflection to trick the dinosaur, allowing herself and her brother to scarcely make their escape.

For a child who should for all intents and purposes have been a gibbering wreck, that was some mighty fine thinking on her feet.


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