10 Smartest Decisions In Superhero Movie History

Doctor Strange is one smart cookie.

Superhero movies often invite audiences to jettison their usual grasp on logic and just accept the fantasy nonsense unfolding before them - as detailed in our recent look at the dumbest decisions in superhero movies - but thankfully the genre is, at its best, keen to challenge audiences with smart storytelling and water-tight characterisation.

Case in point, these 10 characters all displayed pin-sharp smarts when a desperate time called for it. Whether they were a hero or a villain, they readied their plan and stuck to it, while perhaps pivoting when circumstances didn't quite go their way.

In each case, their actions complimented the storytelling and duly kept viewers on their toes in the process, ensuring that you didn't need to turn your nitpicking brain off to enjoy the CGI-fuelled comic book mayhem. At least not entirely, anyway.

In these moments, these characters were all written to be whip-smart and ultra resourceful, hatching genius schemes and doing sensible, life-preserving things that didn't leave fans screaming at the screen.

If you were in any of these situations, you sure hope you'd have the presence of mind to do as these clever heroes and villains did...


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