10 Smartest Horror Movie Decisions (That Still Got People Killed)

Intelligence might be rare in horror, but that doesn't mean it'll save you...

10 Cloverfield Lane

Horror movies don't often have characters that know what they're doing. It's something of a rite of passage to be a thick idiot when all hell starts breaking loose - and let's be honest, as much as we like shouting the most rational option at the screen in the midst of a murder party, no-one sitting at home would fare much better when faced with such unknowable horrors. There really is no guide book when it comes to demon slaying, ghost exorcising, or good old fashioned slasher bashing.

So when we get the characters that do have a bit about them and manage to cleverly worm out of horrible situations, that glimmer of hope is impressive. Or at least, it would be, if it wasn't so often snuffed out again with something even MORE horrible coming as a result of their quick thinking.

Looking at those rare but oh so satisfying characters that somehow get everything right, these are 10 of the very best decisions that should have been perfect - but accidentally resulted in some very fatal outcomes. Whoops. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

10. Watching Through Surveillance Cameras - Bird Box

10 Cloverfield Lane

An unknown, terrifying presence barging in and delivering horrors from beyond the pale is pretty bad news for Earth in Bird Box, where Sandra Bullock has to navigate a planet now populated with invisible entities that render anyone who accidentally peeps at one either insane or suicidal. Whilst survivors of their first appearance get around this whole deal with blindfolds and a nifty little SatNav manoeuvre when they have to go outside, there seems to be one solution that could just about save humanity if it turns out okay - using computer screens as a loophole.

Greg volunteers himself as the first to try out the method, and like the sane person he is at that point in time, decides that tying himself up will at least render him unable to off himself should it backfire. This is a wonderful idea both as it answers a massive question of which the result could shape the survival of the human race, and he's thinking ahead for the worst possible outcome to prepare accordingly.

It doesn't pay off, and Greg manages to kill himself with a supernatural persistence. But the rest of his group now know they can't rely on technology, so the death wasn't in vain, at least.

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