10 Spine-Chilling Winter Horror Movies

9. Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow
Euforia Film

In Tommy Wirkola's Dead Snow, a group of students' skiing trip quickly descends into a bloody fight for survival when they inadvertently invoke the wrath of a horde of Nazi zombies.

A bombastic horror-comedy outing which genre fans will be delighted with, Dead Snow never takes itself too seriously. It knows it’s a B-Movie about Nazi zombies and it has as much fun with its premise as it can within its 90-minute runtime.

The goofy cast of characters are responsible for a large dollop of the humour in this zombie-slaying affair, with their lively personalities lending plenty of personality to the mix. Audiences will want to root for their survival, so when some inevitably do become a snack for the undead their loss is felt.

And when the climax comes, the ensuing carnage between the survivors and zombies can only be described as glorious. Blood gushes, limbs fly, and guts are spilled as the foray reaches ridiculous heights. There’s even a handful of devilish winks at zombie mythology thrown in for good measure too.

A sequel took the lunacy to new levels in 2014, though it ultimately failed to recapture the magic of its predecessor.


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