10 Stand-Alone Star Trek Episodes More Important Than You Realise

9. Wolf In The Fold

Voyager Doctor

Wolf In The Fold is a strange episode of the Original Series. There are many elements to it that have aged extremely poorly, though arguably - that was the point. Perhaps the most questionable inclusion of all is the assertion that having suffered an accident caused by a female crewmember, Scotty might develop a hatred toward all women. This, no word of a lie, is Dr. McCoy's medical opinion.

So, he is brought to an exotic dancing club. Murder soon follows.

Written by Robert Bloch, the episode is an example of the author's obsession with Jack the Ripper. While Redjac is revealed to be the killer in the show, featuring a guest appearance from John Fielder, better known to most as the voice of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, it is in fact a re-telling of Bloch's earlier short story Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper.

It is easily one of the darkest episodes of the Original Series. While our earlier list - 10 Scariest Star Trek Episodes - didn't feature it, a reappraisal would place it near the top. It is also the franchise's first experiment with a true horror format, which it proved it could handle mostly well. The issue with the episode - one that pushes it out of most 'best of' lists - is its frankly bizarre assertions of McCoy. There are parts of the episode that fall under entirely forgettable territory, while the main thrust is one of the finest examples of a truly scary episode of Star Trek.

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