10 Star Trek Cameos You (Probably) Missed

You need to keep a sharp eye open when you're watching Star Trek to catch these cameos.

Tom Morello Trek

If the universe was truly good, getting a cameo on Star Trek would be as easy as pestering Paramount and CBS until they caved and wrote you into a movie. For some people, the universe obviously is good. For others, they have to get on-screen in other ways.

Some of the entries here are more well-known than others, but each of the faces and voices present all left their mark on the franchise in one way or another. Some would appear only once, at a crucial moment in a critical scene, while others might serve as seat fillers while the cameras were rolling, and high-level producers when the lenses were pointed somewhere else.

Many times in any franchise, members of the production team don't get the credit and spotlight that they are due, so thankfully some of the entries here went a way toward addressing that sad fact. From smokey Vegas lounges to Admiral's bars and Vulcan judging boards, there are those here who know how to sit up, look smart and stay out of the actors' ways. Which is something this writer knows how to do as well.

Hint. Hint.

10. Leonard Nimoy - Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Tom Morello Trek

In a film called 'Star Trek III: The Search For Spock,' one would easily be forgiven for thinking that Leonard Nimoy's role equated to slightly more than a cameo. While it's true that the Vulcan is resurrected on the dying Planet Genesis, before being refused with his Katra on his homeworld, it is for a performance that has nothing to do with Spock himself that lands Nimoy on this list.

As director of the film, Nimoy had a say in the design of the new Starfleet vessel, the USS Excelsior. Although Nilo Rotis was the mastermind behind the final shape, Nimoy was able to infuse a little bit of himself to gain immortality through the main computer of the Great Experiment.

As Captain Scott is clocking off from his little bit of sabotage, he bumps into Captain Styles before getting away from the man as quickly as possible. He steps into a turbolift and the computer asks him 'Level, please?' before offering a pleasant little 'Thank you!'

Scotty replies with a dry 'up your shaft' to the voice. That voice is none other than Leonard Nimoy himself, making an uncredited cameo as the voice of the Enterprise's rival starship.

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