10 Star Trek Characters That Are Still At Large

Wait, did we all just forget about these Star Trek characters? Let's fix that.

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It's a natural part of any long-running franchise that there are going to be characters who simply don't get the resolution that they deserve. While that could be upsetting for the audience and indeed the actors themselves, it does give people like us plenty of material to work with when it comes to making lists like these.

Sure, there will be some names here that you have seen before - can you guess which ones? The clue is in the thumbnail. However, the mere fact that characters like this tend to appear so frequently is evidence that there are simply too many dangling threads to leave out there.

There is also the fact that nature abhors a vacuum, and these characters left gaping holes in their wake. So, while we anxiously await the confirmation that any or all of them will appear in future episodes of Star Trek, it's only right that we attempt to give these characters a direction as to how they could return. There may be some names that no one would think of, but then again, that's half the reason for making this list.

10. Maj Cullah

Sela Star Trek

The Kazon, or as they're also known, what happens when you order a Klingon off a discount site, were never truly the major threat they were set up to be. There are several factors leading to this, but the lack of a central villain to root against definitely played a part. Maj Cullah, however, is probably the closest to that.

Anthony De Longis played a sneering baddie in the first two seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. Though the character was supposed to die during the events of Basics, it was in fact Seska who bit the bullet, with Cullah escaping with their baby. Humiliated and defeated, he would return to rule the Kazon Nistrim sect, never to be heard from again.

While Voyager's continued path through the Delta Quadrant explained why he wasn't seen, addressing Cullah's story might finally achieve what Star Trek hasn't managed to do so far - make the Kazon a threat worthy of Starfleet. While it's true that they did commandeer the ship, even that seemed somewhat contrived. The audience would benefit from being given an actual reason to fear the Kazon - as they certainly haven't received one yet. Of all of the Kazon encountered, Cullah is certainly the closest to an actual threat - therefore he makes the perfect candidate for a revisit.

And what's the closest Federation starship to the Delta Quadrant? That's right - the USS Protostar.

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