10 Star Trek Characters Who MUST Return

These are the characters who have left the audiences wanting so much more!

Harry Kim Star Trek

The hallmark of a great character in any medium is one that leaves a strong impression on the audience and indeed is one that demands more and more screen time. Now, as an audience, we don't always get what we want - as in the case of several of these characters, we have been left wanting more.

Whether they were killed off too early, or too unsatisfactarily, or the actor left the show for various reasons, this list is an obvious grab-bag of names who demand another outing in Trek.

The names tend to veer toward the older shows as, while shows like Discovery, Picard, and Lower Decks are all still airing, there is every chance that any and all of these names could appear in those shows. Frankly, for one or two of them, we've got our fingers crossed for a revival alongside the crew of the Enterprise-D.

Romulan-human hybrids, or famed starship captains - everyone here has a reason to return, with an unfinished story, and insatiable fans like us who just need more of them in our eye and ear holes. Come on Star Trek, make it happen.

10. Garak

Harry Kim Star Trek

If put aside for a moment the sheer fanboy element of this entry, there is a very real reason that Garak needs to return to Star Trek. He is one of the strongest characters in terms of intrigue and development, while also now serving as a representative of the Cardassian Union in the years after the Dominion War.

Star Trek: Picard has shown the audience an Alpha Quadrant that is more isolationist, with a Starfleet that was initially much more insular. That, ironically, sounds very like the Cardassian Empire of the 2360s and 70s. The close of the war sees Garak return home. As he is apparently the last surviving member of the Obsidian Order, and the government had been smashed with the removal of Dominion troops, he is now the most qualified man to lead Cardassia.

This may be a far cry from the tailor who struck up a conversation with Dr Bashir over lunch. However, time and time again, Andrew Robinson played the character to such perfection that it would be a crime to never see him again - particularly when so much of the expanded media has focused on him.

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