10 Star Trek Legends Who Starred In Horror Movies

Set phasers to scream! Star Trek icons in horror movies.

Lifeforce Patrick Stewart

Star Trek legends have been known to dip their toes in the fetid swamp that is the horror movie world. The novelty of seeing these actors away from the clean and family-friendly Star Trek universe and getting covered in gore or fighting terrifying supernatural forces, is enough to make any of these flicks worth your time to watch.

Some of these entries feature our heroes in absolute, undeniable classics of the horror genre, whilst others include movies that may be best left forgotten about. This list contains films from the Cannon Group, the infamous Asylum movie studio, and from legendary directors such as Tobe Hooper and Clive Barker.

See Starfleet favourites fight space vampires, comet zombies and armies of rabbits and tarantulas, or hide from the undead in Alcatraz. See the world's most beloved science officer caught in the middle of an Earth invasion.

Star Trek fans that may not be so familiar with the horror genre have an opportunity to see which of their favourite Star Trek alumni got down and dirty in scary movies of varying quality during their careers.

10. Andrew Robinson - Hellraiser (1987)

Lifeforce Patrick Stewart
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The Cardassian tailor Garak, played by Andrew Robinson, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is beloved by fans for his cutting remarks and witty sarcasm. Throughout the series his motives are often questioned, due to the suspicion that he was once part of the secretive Obsidian Order. In 1987, before becoming Garak, Robinson played Larry in Clive Barker’s iconic, genre changing masterpiece, Hellraiser.

Julia, Larry’s adulterous wife, seduces and kills men to feed Frank, her dead brother-in-law who was also her lover before he died. Frank has escaped from Hell and grows stronger each time she brings him another victim. He is eventually strong enough to take over the body of his poor brother Larry. Cenobites - Demons to some, Angels to others - including Hell Priest “Pinhead” come up from their realm of pain to drag Frank back down.

Seeing Larry turn from the mild-mannered family man into leering sadist chasing daughter Kirsty displays the extent of the actor’s talent. Robinson was offered the opportunity to appear in the first sequel Hellbound: Hellraiser II, but, despite the success of Hellraiser, the pay was less. He ultimately turned it down and never returned to the franchise.


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