10 Star Trek Re-Shoots That Totally Changed The Ending

8. Star Trek: Voyager - Favorite Son - More Ceremony

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Favorite Son is a third-season episode of Star Trek: Voyager that underwent reshoots during filming. Garrett Wang is front and centre here, as Harry Kim is identified as alien, rather than the human male he had always believed himself to be. While it all turns out to be a plot by the Taresians, this brings Voyager to this planet of vampire ladies.

Roughly midway through the episode, a ceremonial wedding scene takes place. As originally filmed, it was a racier affair, which was a bit of a clue toward the episode's ending. Notably, the idea that Kim was only there to have his life force sucked out of him was teased by the way the women in the scene treated the unfortunate man getting married.

This was retooled after the dailies came in, and the scene was reshot to make their intentions more ambiguous. It became a scene that was more ceremonial and slightly deeper, with dozens of candles added along with more solemnity. This both made the ending of the episode more of a twist, though also teased that these people needed more than just 'blood' to survive.

While the episode was still received poorly, the reshoot certainly went a distance toward making it stronger overall.

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