10 Star Wars "Plot-Holes" That Really Aren't

From a certain point of view, they're not mistakes at all!


Pop culture loves a good plot-hole. It is a chance to poke fun at the creators of the media we so enjoy and delude ourselves into thinking that the immensely complex and difficult task of writing for a multi-million dollar project is something any mere mortal can do.

The reality is that writers spend far more time obsessing over their creation than fans do. After all, one of the golden rules of writing is to never insult your reader’s intelligence, a bit of wisdom that, together with the modern virulent hatred for all things expositional, has resulted in writers being rather cagey with their plot details.

As such, what fans will gleefully seize upon as being glaringly obvious mistakes often turn out to have the simplest of explanations, leaving many a fan a bit red in the face.

Star Wars is no different, with the Prequels in particular continuing to be roundly savaged for their apparent plot-holes, mistakes and inconsistencies. However, George Lucas spent decades crafting his world, and as only a few minutes of thought would prove did a better job than most would think.

This is not to say that there are no mistakes – nobody is perfect – but the ‘plot-holes’ on this list are certainly not among them, even if, at times, one must defend the indefensible...

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