10 Star Wars Changes George Lucas Made That Were Completely Justified

10. Empire Strikes Back: New Wampa Design & Added Shots


Luke's encounter with the Wampa in Empire Strikes Back is a standout moment from the original trilogy; it's the first time we get to see Luke use the force to move something with his mind, and it's the first time he ever really uses the lightsaber on another living thing.

The scene itself is nothing short of harrowing; the dreaded Wampa, lurking somewhere out of sight, ready to pounce at any given moment; Luke, strapped to the ceiling by his feet, utterly helpless, completely defenceless and at the mercy of his monstrous captor. As a child, watching for the first time in the dead of night, it was terrifying. I didn't think anything could make it scarier.

Of course, some context would have made it scarier; some idea of the stakes involved, perhaps a few extra shots of the Wampa itself, chowing down on some bones, blood dripping from its nauseating, gargantuan mouth. Would that be too much to ask? Well, in 1997, with the help of Industrial Light & Magic and artist Howie Weed, we got just that; the Wampa was redesigned, reshot and inserted back into the film with much more screen time. Thank the maker!


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