10 Star Wars Characters Whose Fates Were Left Unresolved

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Andor Kino Loy
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The Star Wars universe is a big place, and it's only getting bigger, with new characters being introduced at a rapid pace across the franchise's various TV shows and movies.

Some of these characters have more fleshed-out stories than others. Fans have never wanted for details around the likes of Luke, Leia, or Han, and even where there is some mystery left for other characters, their narrative feels likely to continue in some way.

There are some characters, however, whose time in Star Wars seemed to end without having their final chapters explored. Some major characters, some minor that just disappeared, and even the most annoying character in Star Wars history exited the franchise with no explanation as to what happened next.

It's worth noting that you should never say never in this universe, as you never truly know when Star Wars will bring back a character. Once upon a time, the likes of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Ezra Bridger, and even Ahsoka Tano would have appeared on this list, but right now, it seems unlikely that fans will ever get closure on these ten.

10. Mon Mothma

Andor Kino Loy

As one of the few key female characters in the original Star Wars trilogy, Mon Mothma was incredibly important. Though she appeared in relatively few scenes, her influence on the Rebel Alliance could never be questioned.

As a Senator during the rise of the Empire, Mothma had everything to lose engaging with rebels like Luthen and even her own cousin Vel, but even so, she fought the good fight. Throughout the original trilogy, The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, and Andor, Mon Mothma was integral to the downfall of the Empire.

And yet, years later (in a world run by the First Order), she is absolutely nowhere to be seen. General Leia Organa has raised another resistance, but there was no place in the sequel trilogy for Mothma. What happened to her between Episodes 6 and 7?

Though she has appeared in Rebels and will certainly have a role to play in the second season of Andor, none of this will go to explain anything post-Battle of Endor. An appearance in The Mandalorian or Ahsoka shouldn't be ruled out entirely, but it seems likely that this will be a question mark that hangs over the character for some time to come.


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