10 Star Wars Characters You Didn't Realise Probably Died Horrible Deaths

There's a good reason why we were never shown these Star Wars deaths...

Chewbacca Death
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Although George Lucas will continue to say that Star Wars is for kids, there has certainly been some brutal and mature moments in the saga you would not want to show your children. Quite a few of these moments revolve around character deaths, though both Disney and Lucasfilm have decided to censor many of them over the franchise's 45-year lifespan.

Up until 2005, all Star Wars films had been rated PG, making the saga mostly family-friendly on a surface level, with the very worst of Star Wars being scenes of the occasional loss of limbs or drawing of blood. But, with the release of Revenge of the Sith, this all changed. The third entry into Lucas' Prequel Trilogy was far darker than the previous films, with it ultimately concluding with Anakain Skywalker being amputated and left to burn alive on the side of a lava river. Since then, all Star Wars films released under Disney have had a PG-13 rating, and with the mounting number of savage deaths, it's clear to see why.

Even so, not only did these pictures depict brutal and sometimes gruesome deaths, but a lot of Star Wars games, comic books and shows contained some of the most barbaric kills of the franchise, even if they are not always explicitly shown.

10. Owen And Beru

Chewbacca Death

Although being generally the most inoffensive of the Star Wars films, A New Hope still had its fair share of censored graphic moments, despite its PG rating.

After spending time with the old Jedi wizard, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and learning about his father's past during the Clone Wars, Luke Skywalker quickly rushes home upon realising that Imperial Stormtroopers had managed to track the wanted droids back to his homestead. Unfortunately for Luke, by the time he reaches his destination, all he is left with is the burnt-out shell of his home, and the singed corpses of his aunt and uncle.

Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen met a cruel and undeserving demise, though it is not totally clear who murdered the moisture farmers. For a while, some fans theorised it was Boba Fett who committed this heinous act, disintegrating the two on orders of the Empire, which could also explain why Darth Vader made such a point to ban Fett from using disintegration during The Empire Strikes Back. Still, it is more probable that Imperial Stormtroopers killed Owen and Beru, likely using Incinerator Troopers to cook the pair alive in their home, as they unsuccessfully pleaded for mercy.


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