10 Star Wars Expanded Universe Stories Every Fan Should Read

Darth Vader And The Ghost Prison It's an interesting time to be a Star Wars fan. On the one hand, we're are still recovering from the sub-par prequel trilogy of the past decade, not to mention George Lucas' continuous tampering of the original movies when they're re-released for home media. On the other hand, we've also had Disney buying Lucasfilm and beginning production of a new sequel trilogy. Not only are we getting more movies, but it's also ensured Lucas will never mess with the films again. Still, what some fans have not realized is that there's a world of Star Wars outside of the movies. No, I'm not talking about the video games, although I fondly recall my days of playing Star Wars Battlefront II after school. No, I'm talking about the world of the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU). Although we have gotten tastes of the EU in video games, most notably "Knights of the Old Republic" and "The Force Unleashed," the EU is mostly composed of books and comic books that multiple writers have participated in. Now while some fans may not have heard of the EU, others have heard of it, but choose to stay away because there's way too much of it to take in. I do agree with this to an extent. There are a lot of books in the EU, and it can be difficult to find the best stories to read. Many of the books are just plain bad, and some of them have story-lines that last for dozens of books. You'd have to dedicate your reading list just to Star Wars books for at least a year if you wanted to dive into those stories. Still, that shouldn't stop people from testing the waters. There are many stories that are self-contained and enhance the experience of being a Star Wars fan. Whether it's learning ancient history, getting background on a favorite character, or following the heroes of the original trilogy as they rebuild the galaxy, fans will be able to experience a new way of looking at the Star Wars fan. Me, I already have my favorites of the Expanded Universe. So, to get everyone started on their search, I will give you all my reading list. Here are 10 Star Wars stories that every fan should read.
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