10 Star Wars Factions You Don't Want To Mess With (Who Aren’t The Sith)

The kind of threats who keep Rancors as pets!

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We all know the Sith have plagued the Star Wars galaxy for centuries. Sure, their Galactic Empire, ruled by Sidious, only lasted a few decades. But, in that period the Sith managed to demolish the Republic, exploit entire systems, and destroy a planet with a terrible superweapon.

That’s saying nothing of the ancient Sith Empire who warred with the Jedi for generations and enslaved entire planets. The Sith are some terrible people and you definitely don’t want to find yourself in their cross-hairs. However, if you're an ordinary citizen of the Galaxy, running into a Sith Lord is the least of your problems.

Unless you're a Jedi there's little chance you'll ever run into one of these guys. You’re certainly not going to bump into Sidious at a Cantina.

But, say you borrow too much money or make an unwise bet. Then you could end up on the side of anyone of a dozen crime syndicates.

Or, maybe you find yourself in the unknown regions of space… There are some real mean dudes out there.

Oh, and when it comes to the Force, there are some beings that the Sith won’t even mess with. Let's talk about ten Star Wars factions you probably don't want to run into.

10. Crimson Dawn

yuuzhan vong Star Wars

Crimson Dawn was introduced to most Star Wars fans in the Solo movie. Since then they’ve gone to play a role in Star Wars television shows, comics, and novels. The Crimson Dawn is a shadowy crime organization led, at least publicly, by crime lord Dryden Vos.

Behind the scenes, the Crimson Dawn was part of a larger syndicate known as the Shadow Collective. Vos took his direction from the lethal force user, and former Sith apprentice, Maul.

Before it, the Crimson Dawn formally organized the group was a band of mercenaries. These mercenaries would hop from planet to planet. They would steal resources and brutalize the natives wherever they landed.

The group solidified their reputation for savagery on the desert planet of Savareen. The Savarians decided that they had had enough of the Crimson Dawn’s constant raids. So, they took a stand against the crime lords. Unfortunately for the Savarians, they lost.

As punishment for their rebellion, the Crimson Dawn cut out the tongues of every man, woman, and child on the planet.

Lesson learned- don’t mess with the Crimson Dawn.

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