10 Star Wars Legends Characters We Desperately Want To Return

With a galaxy full of legends, who do we want to see the most in the future of Star Wars?

knights of the old republic

With the exception of the original six Star Wars films and the 2008 animated show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Disney branded all Star Wars media released before April 25, 2014 as ‘Legends’ material. This was to make way for their new Sequel trilogy which would feature a new story not seen in the original Legends continuity. Since this decision, a variety of new material has been produced featuring a wide variety of classic and new characters.

The occasional character that was originally featured exclusively in the old Legends continuity has made an appearance in the new canon, being reimagined in new and exciting ways. The most notable example of this is with the fan favourite Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn. He was inserted into the Star Wars: Rebels animated show in 2016, with his character differing slightly for his original story due to his new place in the timeline. The addition of characters like Thrawn shows that Disney are aware of the Legends continuity and the characters that fans want to return.

However, a host of other fan favourite characters have thus far been avoided by Disney in the nearly seven years since the birth of the new canon. Fans of classic media have been calling out for a number of Legends characters to make their debuts, and we’ve narrowed down the ten biggest names we think should be topping that list.

10. Tag Greenley & Bink Otauna

knights of the old republic
Marvel Comics

Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna were a pair of non-canon characters who were featured in the 2001 comic Tag & Bink Are Dead. They were a pair of Rebel troopers whose story took them through the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Two additional issues of the comic book were released titled The Return of Tag & Bink, following the story of Return of the Jedi, and Tag & Bink: Revenge of the Clone Menace, detailing their journey throughout the prequel trilogy.

The humorous antics of the pair are used to explain some of the plot of the Star Wars saga. For example, while Tag and Bink are training at the Jedi Temple as younglings, they accidently delete the Kamino star system from the Jedi Archives. The pair were also responsible for the death of a Rebel spy named Manny Both-Hanz, who died bringing them the information about the Second Death Star. Their story ends when they are killed in the explosion of the Second Death Star, resulting in them become Force Ghosts.

Tag and Bink were cast to appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story, however their scene was ultimately cut from the film. Many fans of these niche characters are hoping to discover their antics throughout the sequel trilogy and beyond in the new canon.


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