10 Star Wars Things That Improved Over The Last 10 Years

Video games, merchandise, and those other Star Wars elements that have only gotten better...

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The galaxy far, far away was a very different place back in 2013.

Not a single Sequel Trilogy feature had blasted its way into theatres. The small-screen corner of the Star Wars universe only really consisted of a few wonderful animated offerings. And it was still yet to really be seen how exactly Disney would handle their newest acquisition.

Now sure, there has been the odd misstep over the last decade, with the occasional big-screen disaster and underwhelming TV offerings leaving a bad taste in fans' mouths. But for every Solo and Book of Boba Fett flop, there have still been a ton of other elements and projects that have noticeably improved or moved the franchise forwards over the last 10 years.

And in some cases, even the perception of some once-derided features and figures found within this burgeoning galaxy have changed for the better in the time since 2013.

So, with that in mind, it's time to properly celebrate all the different ways your favourite galaxy of Jedi, Imperials, droids, and constantly returning forces of evil has positively grown in the last decade.

10. The Force Keeps Getting Stronger With Merchandise

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

George Lucas took quite the gamble in the lead up to Star Wars' release back in 1977.

In exchange for $500,000 of his director paycheque, the mind behind the galaxy far, far away secured the merchandising rights for his beloved brainchild. And by 2012, a staggering $20 billion's worth of licensed goods had been sold (via THR).

This Lucas lad knew what he was doing, folks.

And while the general quality of the toys, board games, clothes, and various other forms of merchandise inevitably improved in the years that followed A New Hope's release, it's in the last decade that Star Wars merch appears to have really reached a whole new level.

From LEGO's countless new construction sets and video games, to Disney's introducing of fresh waves of Sequel, Prequel & Original Trilogy and small-screen adventure toys, costumes, apparel, collectables, and homeware - because who doesn't need a Grogu or Death Star mug? - it's safe to say that the franchise has come a long way from those early Kenner action figure days.

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