10 Steps To Successfully Reboot The X-Men Into The MCU

Who needs Wolverine? Not Marvel Studios...


Almost as soon as Disney formally completed their protracted takeover of Fox, attention immediately turned to the mouth-watering prospect of Marvel Studios being in control of the rights to the X-Men.

For years it seemed as though the prospect of seeing Charles Xavier's band of mutants facing off against the Avengers was only a pipe-dream, but now that it has finally become a reality the all-powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe is under huge pressure and faces sky-high expectations to deliver a reboot that lives up to the hype.

We've already seen a dozen X-Men movies under Fox's watch that burned through some of the biggest storylines and most iconic characters that the comic books had to offer, meaning that Kevin Feige and his team face a tough task in putting their own unique stamp on a series that's already been done to death.

That being said, the MCU has shown remarkable consistency over the years and hasn't let many people down yet, but there are some mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs to maximize the almost limitless potential of seeing the X-Men make their long-awaited debut as part of cinema's biggest franchise.

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