10 Strangest Reasons Actors CLASHED On Set

Sylvester Stallone made Dolph Lundgren cry on The Expendables set... how dare he.

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Movie and TV sets can be a rather stressful environment at the best of times.

With so many people trying to get their job done, and often against the clock, it's only natural for the odd clash to go down along the way. They're only human, after all. (Well, except maybe Tom Cruise.)

When it comes to the reasons the following actors ultimately didn't end up seeing eye to eye on their various projects, though, it's safe to say that they can all be classified as somewhat bizarre even by the filmmaking world's typically odd standards.

Thankfully, in most cases, despite a rather strange disagreement on set or before they'd stepped onto it, the following stars of the big and small screen were able to get over their issues and even share a laugh about how insane their mid-production argument actually was in the end.

However, something as hilarious as dripping chicken has sometimes actually led to a star simply refusing to work with their co-star.

10. Sylvester Stallone Makes Dolph Lundgren Cry Over Grandmother Remark - The Expendables

Snotgate Wanda

It didn't matter that the pair had starred alongside each other in one of the greatest boxing flicks of all time and had been pals ever since, that still couldn't stop Sylvester Stallone from firing a rather bizarre insult his co-star's way when directing Dolph Lundgren on the set of the first Expendables feature.

When recently appearing on In Depth With Graham Bensinger (via Variety), Dolph revealed that Sly made him perform a scene "20 times", all whilst being quite "harsh" on the towering thespian and yelling at him "in front of the whole crew."

But the words "‘My grandmother could do it better than that. What the f***, what are you doing?" were what ultimately pushed Lundgren to tears before the cast and crew took their lunch break.

And it was that bizarre outburst from Sly that left the Ivan Drago and Gunner Jensen actor telling his wife down the phone that he was going to knock the stuffing out of this particular Expendable if he dared say another word to him.

Likely sensing he'd gone too far with his strange grandmother remark, the "crazy Italian", as Lundgren put it, soon apologised for his aggressive directing style post-lunch.


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