10 Strangest Reasons Actors CLASHED On Set

9. Jennie Garth And Shannen Doherty Take It Outside After A Skirt Incident - Beverly Hills, 90210

Snotgate Wanda

While the actors seem to have gotten over their issues as the years have rolled by, there was definitely a time there when Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty couldn't share the same Beverly Hills, 90210 set without things getting a little heated.

In fact, as Garth would ultimately reveal on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (via People) in 2019, the pair very nearly got physical and threatened to take things outside before security got involved at one point.

The strange reason? Well, it all came about on the back of the pair teasing one another, with said back-and-forth then leading to Doherty suddenly lifting Garth's skirt up. Sure enough, the on-screen Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh were soon in each other's faces, with the two "very strong Aries women" refusing to back down in the moment.

Things were so intense during this on set explosion that a "shaking" Tori Spelling, who often acted as the peacekeeper between the two, even refused to leave her dressing room whilst the actors were at each other's throats.

After spending 14-16 hours locked in a sound stage every day during the filming of this '90s TV hit, it turns out that something as silly as a skirt tug was capable of tipping two warring co-stars over the edge.


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