10 Strangest Reasons Actors Lost Out On HUGE Movie Roles

It turns out that getting blind drunk before a big movie audition isn't the best call...

Charlie Cox
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No matter how much time and effort a hopeful thespian has put into nailing an incoming high-profile big-screen audition, sometimes an actor simply isn't right for said role or just doesn't quite nail the material in the same way as another talented performer.

That being said, for every standard case of just not quite eclipsing the work of a fellow auditioning artist, there have also been a number of occasions when stars have ended up losing out on playing a rather intriguing or exciting part in a huge upcoming feature due to some far more bizarre developments.

Thankfully, each and every name attached to this list did manage to find unquestionable success elsewhere in the years that followed their strange dropping of the ball during the creation and/or casting of the projects in question.

But, from deciding that getting blind drunk for a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with a legendary director was the wisest call on the day, to oddly not being able to make eye-contact mid-audition due to their time immersed in another well-known character's world, these actors all wound up on the outside looking in for a number of massive movies due to what can best be described as particularly odd reasons.

10. Seth Rogen And Jason Segel Couldn't Take Themselves Seriously As Rappers - 8 Mile

Charlie Cox
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Years before Seth Rogen became Hollywood's go-to guy for just about any slice of blockbuster comedy, the now-legendary chuckler was in the running for a part in 2002's 8 Mile alongside close mate Jason Segel.

What are the odds, eh?

And with both actors weirdly being told to bring someone along to read with them for said Cheddar audition, the Freaks & Geeks co-stars opted to back each other up for their individual meetings for the role.

Anyone who has ever found themselves trying to deliver a class project with a pal likely knows where this one was heading. And sure enough, what followed was a pretty embarrassing read from both comedy talents for the Detroit rapper character. As Rogen put it in his book titled "Yearbook", it quickly became obvious that the part was one "we could NOT have been less right for."

With both actors "laughing hysterically" at their delivery of lines such as 'Yo, yo, mothaf---a! It's Chedda! What up, b----!', Rogen and Segel ultimately admitted defeat before they'd even reached the end of their material as the former noted how the whole thing "was so silly, we couldn't finish."

Unsurprisingly, neither star made the Cheddar cut in the end.


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