10 Strangest Reasons Actors Lost Out On HUGE Movie Roles

9. Chris Evans' Need To Show Off Range Blows Up In His Face - Observe And Report

Charlie Cox
Columbia Pictures

Turning the tables somewhat for this next entry, instead of being the person making a t*t of themselves in the actor's seat during the casting of 2009's Observe and Report, Seth Rogen was actually one of the figures in the casting position.

Despite Rogen very much understanding the feeling of utterly bombing an audition for what could potentially be a huge upcoming feature, though, that still couldn't save eventual Captain America Chris Evans from feeling a touch overwhelmed during his meeting in front of the Pineapple Express star and the film's producer and director.

With the star desperate to show another layer of himself on the back of appearing in the likes of the Fantastic Four series, Evans eventually found himself being overcome by a "wave of sweats" and his "face went red."

Then, after asking for a moment to compose himself in the hall, the same thing only went and happened again! Determined not to blow this golden opportunity to stretch himself as an actor, though, Evans begged his agent to schedule another audition in front of the gang a few days later.

But this most definitely wasn't a case of third times the charm as Evans once again drowned in his own sweat and changed colour before finally uttering a defeated, "Guys, I’m so sorry... I’m just going to go."

It all worked out in the end, though, eh...


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