10 Stunning Facts About 2019’s Biggest Movies

The Star Wars cast list is much longer than you thought.

Toy Story 4

2019 was one of the biggest years in the history of cinema. Avatar was finally knocked off the top of the box office perch, both the Infinity Saga and the Skywalker Saga came to an end, and Joker potentially changed the comic book movie genre forever.

Though we all go to the cinema to lose ourselves in compelling stories and intriguing narratives, with so much time, effort, and collaboration poured into every single movie, there is no shortage of wonderful stories from behind the scenes as well.

Whether it is realising the biggest stars in Hollywood are human too, that mistakes can sometimes find their way past the directors, or the extra mile taken to make something that bit more special, these nuggets of information, though some only the tiniest detail, can offer an insight into the movies you wouldn't think to see.

From wider cinematic universe teases you probably missed, to the best and worst of CGI, and missed casting opportunities, 2019 was filled with little gems that you simply need to know...

10. A New Version Of Cats Was Released After Less Than A Week In Cinemas

Toy Story 4 Boo

Right now, CGI plays a bigger role than ever in Hollywood, and can make or break any big movie that utilises it. Needless to say, 2019 saw some mixed results. Avengers: Endgame was a special effects triumph, as was, for the most part, the Irishman (ignoring the tough to watch fight outside the grocery store). Cats, on the other hand, was not.

Director Tom Hooper's incredibly ambitious project looked to turn Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and more into cats, while keeping their human faces intact. It's a strange concept, no doubt, but was not helped by the poor, and too often lazy CGI.

Though it was intentional to keep each cast member's individual look, it was surely not intentional to leave both Rebel Wilson and Judy Dench's human hands in the final product. So bad was the result that after less than one week in cinemas, the studio reportedly resorted to releasing a new, updated and edited version of the movie fixing the human hands mistake.

The fact that Universal allowed such a shoddy product into the world is baffling, even more so than admitting it wasn't good enough after just a couple of days.

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