10 Stunning Facts About 2019’s Biggest Movies

9. Detective Pikachu And Angry Birds Broke The Video Game Movie Curse

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In today's movie industry, new and original projects often seem to take a back seat to remakes, sequels, and adaptations of already published stories. While the latter movies focus more on comic books and novels, one genre that has struggled is the video game movie.

These films are problematic to the point of there being a 'curse' upon them - no movies adapted from video games are ever any good. Even the higher rated adaptions such as Tomb Raider or Resident Evil failed to set the world on fire. It is amazing to think that no video game movie has ever reached a 'Fresh' score on Rotten Tomatoes. Until 2019!

Any score below 60% on Rotten Tomatoes will earn a 'Rotten' rating, from 60-69% a movie is considered 'Fresh', and a score of 70% or better will establish a movie as 'Certified Fresh'. In 2019, the curse was seemingly broken twice, according to this standard.

At the time of writing, Detective Pikachu stands at a fresh 68%, while The Angry Birds Movie 2, the highest ever rated video game movie, is enjoying a (relatively) huge, and Certified Fresh score of 73%. According to this view, 2019 has been the best year ever for gaming movies. Could it be the year the curse is finally broken?

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