10 Stupid Decisions Made By Saw Characters

Some questionable decisions spelled "Game Over" for these unfortunate characters.

Saw V Strahm

James Wan's 2004 low budget thriller Saw wasn't only an unexpected hit, it spun off an unstoppable franchise and changed the horror landscape of the period. In a market that was dwindling commercially, slashers seemed tired and remakes were abound. Saw offered that element that had been missing, plenty of blood and gore, incredibly intelligent writing and genuinely shocking character moments.

As the film branched off into a franchise, it seemed each movie upped the stakes with more elaborate traps and twist after twist that left audiences breathless. It's fair to say that the Saw franchise features some of the most intelligent and genuinely surprising writing and character decisions of the genre in recent years.

Unfortunately, as a franchise goes on, screenwriters become pressed to find fresh takes on situations that have been played out countless times before. Inevitably, despite their best efforts, the Saw movies fell into this "trap" in their haste for more content.

So, I want to play a game - with eight films to choose from, let's see if we can find the 10 stupidest decisions made by characters in this seminal horror franchise. A warning of major spoilers ahead!

10. John Rescues Logan - Jigsaw

Saw V Strahm

2017's Jigsaw is perhaps the most divisive entry in the Saw franchise. Why, I hear you ask? Well, to put it simply, Jigsaw acts as a large and very convenient retcon and presents John Kramer in a very different way, which feels out of character.

With the reveal that our new "Jigsaw" is mild-mannered medical examiner Logan Nelson, as an audience we are eager to discover his backstory and ties to the infamous killer.

But the explanation leaves a lot to be desired, as we learn Logan once mixed up John Kramer's X-rays which led to Kramer's cancer being missed and becoming terminal. Consequently, Logan found himself in a Jigsaw trap for his carelessness.

But in a truly baffling turn, the usually cold and merciless John Kramer has an attack of conscience and rescues Logan before he can succumb. Subsequently John takes Logan under his wing and mentors him to be his eventual successor.

If there's one thing John Kramer can do, it's hold a grudge. So to say that this decision is out of character is an understatement. Why would he suddenly forgive an "honest mistake" that ended his own life?

It all seems very convenient and somewhat clumsy, and one can't help but think it may have been for the best if Logan was left in the trap.

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