10 Stupid Movie Villain Plans That Make NO Sense

These schemes just don't add up...

Resident Evil Afterlife
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One archetype every movie fan is familiar with is The Evil Genius. Villains like this have a gargantuan lair, an endless supply of henchmen, contingencies for every conceivable setback, and a maniacal cackle for good measure.

Of course, no evildoer is complete without a masterplan. Whether it's Blofeld, the Joker, or Darth Vader, all the best antagonists formulate a diabolical, multi-layered scheme where they take over the world, rule the galaxy, or destroy the entire universe.

But these baddies have another thing in common - their masterplans don't make a lick of sense. Despite dedicating years of their lives and billions of dollars into these schemes, they fall like a house of cards when you pick them apart. Even though the most meticulous plan is sure to have a few inconsistencies here and there, these plots are so flawed, it's baffling how anyone could've they made sense. Characters like Bane, Thanos, and Wesker are supposed to be geniuses of the highest level and yet, a child could point out irregularities in their work

So, which so-called genius villain had the dumbest plan?

10. Screenslaver - The Incredibles 2

Resident Evil Afterlife

The Incredibles 2 begins with the superhero family accidentally causing major damage to the city. This incident causes Supers to be perceived as a danger to society, tarnishing the reputations of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, and Violet.

Fortunately, the family is hired by an entrepreneur and Supers activist, Winston Deavour, to protect the country. During these missions, Elastigirl repeatedly encounters a supervillain called the Screenslaver (which is an awesome name). In the end, Elastigirl learns the Screensaver is Winston's sister, Evelyn. Evelyn monologues (as all supervillains do) how a superhero failed to save her father when she was a child. This trauma inspired her to build technology that would brainwash Supers like The Incredibles to commit crimes, causing humanity to lose fate in heroes forever.

There's just one problem. Society already hated superheroes! Before Winston hired The Incredibles, the family were living in a crummy motel despite saving the world several days prior. Also, costumed vigilantism is still considered a crime and has been for decades.

Instead of spending millions of dollars, inventing state-of-the-art technology, and devising the Screenslaver persona, Evelyn was better off doing absolutely nothing if she wanted mankind to vilify Supers.


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