10 Stupid Movie Villain Plans That Make NO Sense

9. Lyutsifer Safin - No Time To Die

Resident Evil Afterlife

Bond villains have become legendary for their preposterous schemes. In the past six decades, the beloved franchise has had baddies who tried to initiate World War III, turn the sun into a weapon, or obtain exclusive broadcasting rights to China. (Scary stuff, I know.)

Basically, fans are going into a Bond film, expecting the villain's plan to be ridiculous. Having said that, Lyutsifer Safin's scheme in No Time to Die is non-sensical, even by Bond standards. After an agent of SPECTRE murdered his family, Safin vowed to dedicate his life to destroying the terrorist organisation. Halfway through the movie, he kills every member of SPECTRE's inner circle, including its founder, Blofeld.

So, then what does he do? He takes over SPECTRE's bases and uses their tech so he can infect everyone on Earth with lethal nanobots.

The question is - why? He avenged his family. He destroyed the biggest terrorist group on Earth - something 007 has failed to do. He hated SPECTRE because they killed innocent people and yet, he's doing the same thing. How does this nanobot plot benefit him? So, not only is Safin's plan non-sensical, it's not clear why he's doing it since he already got what he wanted.


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